Wenzhou City Huayun Equipment Co., Ltd.
Notice: We are determined to: production in line with "the International Meteorological Organization," the standard, China's best rain gauge! !

    Wenzhou City Huayun Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, under the Wenzhou Economic Development Zone, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, is a capability of independent innovation, scientific research and technology development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. Companies specializing in the production of meteorological instruments based products include rain sensor (rain gauge), rainfall data acquisition, temperature data acquisition, rainfall and air temperature data wireless transmission equipment, as well as rainfall and temperature data centralized collection and rapid reporting system.
The company development and production of new SRY-1 double valve capacitive rain gauge, quick report rainfall telemetry system (rainfall automatic stations)

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Address:Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Yu Cang Road on the 30th (3rd Floor)
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Address: Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Yu Cang Road on the 30th (3rd Floor)   Phone:18958790722 QQ:1178225235